Wednesday, 4 May 2016

If you waan't to have a photo like that one hit the link


  1. Nice job nea nea

  2. Thank
    Love naenae

  3. Hello, Renee.
    Wow,that looks very good! I like that you made your name purple and sparkly, but you forgot to put the link in! Thank you for sharing this website with us.

    Goodbye, Hannah from Grey Main School

  4. Hi Renee I am Heidi from Grey Main School Greymouth New Zealand
    That is really cool what you have done i wish we were allowed to use that. How did you find this site?
    What this remindes me of is when we were allowed to use cool text because you can make cool things like that.
    Bye for now Heidi

  5. Kia Ora Renee, it's Kyra from Mamaku Hub. I like your name because it is really sparkly. This reminds me of people's names. Maybe next time you could check the links work and you could check your spelling. Ka Pai!